Volvo Art Loft, Singapore
11 – 31 January 2013

Volvo Art Loft is pleased to present State of Flux, featuring high energy artworks comprising paintings, drawings and an installation piece that explore contemporary Singapore’s struggle to redefine itself moving forward.

As the title suggests, the conversation to create a new Singapore is turning raucous. The mainstream is rocked by cacophonous dissenting voices and perpetual conflict within a once quiet nation, now empowered by social media. The din is reaching deafening, numbing levels. Amid all that noise, it’s tough getting a reasoned word in. Can one sift the gems through all that noise? Will more control and regulation help? With censorship now a blunt tool, how relevant would such policies that hinge their assumptions upon an obeisant society be?

In State of Flux, Rofi invites you to ponder these questions and more.