Agora Gallery, New York NY, USA
23 July – 13 August 2013

Optimistic and encouraging as well as aesthetically absorbing, the works in Interpretive Realms carry with them a persuasive message about the nature of being. Innovative and imaginative as well as thought-provoking, the artists offer us the opportunity to rediscover and renew our understanding and affection for life and the human experience.

Transcript: (2:05 – 3:10)

His name is Rofi and he is also having an exhibition in Washington DC right now, and he’s expressing his political, social, cultural views through his mixed media paintings.

Very powerful work, very powerful... It’s three-dimensional, he uses of course the metal fence which when you see in person you actually get a great sense of what it is that he’s doing. It doesn’t always translate well on images but in person it’s more striking. And of course, it’s about one’s ability to be able to communicate and not be silenced. It’s about censorship, very much, (and democracy)... absolutely.
— ANGELA DI BELLO, Director of Agora Gallery